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我们的作品应当是对当下的社会问题作出的一种回应,是在解决过去、现在和未来的连续性问题。 我们认为设计应在普遍性当中寻求与众不同,差异性和多样性是设计进步的源动力。 设计不应只是追求夸张、惊人的形式,应当是对现代人行为方式的研究。 我们跟很多设计师一样,在资源过度消耗的今天追求负设计,负设计是在满足人们需求的前提下将能耗降到最低。我们希望用最朴素、环保、真实的材料让人跟空间产生对话、交流与情感共鸣。

Our work should be a response about the current social problems, and it should resolve the problem that how to connect past present and future. We believe that the design should look for difference among the universality, diversity is the source of design progress. Design should not only pursue an exaggeration, an amazing form, it should also study people’s behavior. People over consume the globe resource today. Like many other designers, we pursuit negative design, which is to meet the needs of the people and the lowest energy consumption. We want to use the most simple, environmentally friendly, real materials to make people talk with space, communicate with space and have emotional resonance.